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Cranberry Valley at Disc Golf Course Review


For 2012 the course is being changed. Trees on #10,,#11,#12, #13,#14, #15, and #16 have been taken. Approach shots may have been changes but the general outlay of holes have not been changed.  We are currently cleaning up the course.  Course is open. New Baskets on two holes will be installed-- Older Baskets,that are taken off the course, will be sold in the store.

CRANBERRY VALLEY 06/24/07-- The Loopgaru MPT Tourney
 Mens Pro 
PlaceNameRd1Rd2TotalPts Earned
1Kieran Nichols605811812
2Robert Brooks60621226
 Womens Am 
PlaceNameRd1Rd2TotalPts Earned
1Jessi Brooks798015911
 AM 1 
PlaceNameRd1Rd2TotalPts Earned
1Sean Stanton576111820
2Cooper Legee616012114
3Dave Gipson645912311
4Jim Bouffard61641257
5Nick Blouin66621286
6Paul Babb63661295
7Walter Leeman67631304
8Brad Nichols63691322.5
8Chris Dipietro66661322.5
10Mike Lewis66761421
 Masters Am 
PlaceNameRd1Rd2TotalPts Earned
1Lloyd Bowden676513216
2Dann Flager756914410
3John Brown71751465
3John Fredette77691465
5Ralph Pilsbury71791501.5
5Joe Legee73771501.5
 AM 2 
PlaceNameRd1Rd2TotalPts Earned
1John Atkinson696413319
2Joe Fitzsimmons666713313
3Josh Brown696513410
4Adam Furin74641384.5
4Jeremy Brooks68701384.5
4Jaime Spear71671384.5
4Brian Emmons70681384.5
8Kevin Fitzsimmons72741462
9Adam Newcomb70781481
CTP #18Dave Gipson   T-Shirt
Shortest #2John Brown   Pink Flamingo
Raffle WinnerWalter Leeman   $53
Disc RaffleDan Flager   Ching Oracle

Thanks to all who competed in this years tourney held on June 16


Team League Champions
2014 (A) Bruins (J.Legee,Brooks)
(B) Hazy Skies (Stultz,Coye)
2013 (A) Bruins (J.Legee, Brooks)
(B) Twisted Tee off (M.Smith, C.Davis)
2012 (A) Bruins (J.Legee, Brooks)
(B) Hazy Skies (S.Stultz,T.Berry)
2011 The Bruins (J.Legee,Brooks)
2010 Lord Davis (A.Lord,C.Davis)
2009 The Bruins (J.Legee,Brooks)
2008 The Bruins (J.Legee,Brooks)
2007 Meat & Potatoes (Brown&Dugay)
2006 The Bucks (Arris, M.Dunn)

Singles League Champions
2014 Robert Brooks (Open),Mike Dunn (Adv),Kyle Smith (Rec)
2013 Cooper Legee (Open),Mike Dunn (Adv) Tyler Storman (Rec)
2012 Robert Brooks (Open), Kevin Fournier (Adv), Dillon Emery (Rec)
2011 Robert Brooks (Open), Adam Dube (Adv), Dillon Emery (Rec)
2010 Robert Brooks (Open), Lester Dunn (Adv), Nate Straz (Rec)
2009 Robert Brooks
2008 Robert Brooks
2007 Adam Asselin
2006 Mike Dunn
2005 Cooper Legee
2004 John Brown